Our daily routines

Delivery and collection of children
Always bring your child into the appropriate room and speak to staff to make sure they know your child has arrived. Children must not be left without a staff member in charge.

Please ensure that the front door is securely closed each time you enter or leave the centre for the protection of all children.

Always sign your child into and out of the centre in the attendance book and note the time so that there is an accurate record of attendance in case of an emergency.

Written advice is to be given to staff if the person to collect your child differs from the enrolment card. Proof of identification may be required and only nominated people can collect children.

All people collecting children must be a minimum of 15 years of age, unless in exceptional circumstances when approval must be sought from the coordinator.

Personal belongings
Parents are encouraged to clearly label all of their child's belongings, as the centre takes no responsibility for lost items.


It is preferable that children do not bring toys from home, unless they are a security item. These need to be well labeled as they tend to get mixed in with centre toys. If children do bring toys from home, parents have the responsibility of collecting them.

What to bring

  • A labeled bag containing a full change of clothes. Please provide extra changes of clothes and underpants if your child is toilet training.

  • A hat and coat in the colder months and sun hat in warmer months. (See "Sun Protection and Appropriate Clothing Policy on page 21 of the Parent Handbook" for further details regarding hats). Your child will be applied with sunscreen before going outside in summer months.

  • For children in nappies you will need to provide enough disposable nappies for your child. You can bring in a daily supply or, if you prefer, a large pack that we will store for you. We will let you know when you need to bring in more. Children are changed every two hours or more frequently as required.

  • Bottles. These must be named and made up if your child is on formula. We supply cow's milk.

  • Anything your child may need to make him/her feel comfortable e.g., dummy, soft toy.

What not to bring

  • Any war toys or games as they may lead to violent play.

  • Thongs, clogs or "slip on" shoes that are dangerous for outdoor play (i.e. climbing)

  • Any food from home. There are children at the centre with severe allergies (life threatening) to a variety of foods. Please do not put children's safety at risk by leaving food in your child's bag.