Our program

St Faith’s Curriculum

  • Is based on a cycle of observation, analysis & planning to promote children’s interests, learning & development.

  • Is guided by the National Quality Standards (NQS) and the Victorian Early Years Learning & Development Framework (VEYLDF).

  • Is based on an Emergent Curriculum which is a philosophy of teaching and learning that focuses on planning activities and experiences in response to the interests, ideas and thoughts of the children themselves.

Room Curriculum:

Each room at St Faith’s runs an educational program that is tailored to meet the needs of the children’s interests, strengths and developmental levels. Each child has an active online portfolio which captures individual and small group experiences. The following is also available in each room:

  • Mind maps outlining the rooms projects and interests

  • Program plan

  • Modifications on learning spaces and experiences

  • Program evaluations

Educators set up learning experiences within both Indoor and Outdoor Environments with the intent for children to learn through their play. Educators extend on children’s learning through intentional teaching strategies, such as providing provocations and open ended resources.

Learning Environments:

Each room has learning experiences that promote the following:

  • Maths and Literacy Concepts

  • Independence and Responsibility

  • Culture and Community

  • Physical Wellbeing

  • Nature and Environment

  • Science and Discovery

  • Creative Expression

  • Sensory Play

  • Communication and Social

  • Imaginative and Dramatic Play

Community visits

The centre values the involvement with the wider community and exposing children to a range of enjoyable experiences. "In service" visits or programs are organised from time to time eg., drama workshops. Parents are notified of these visits in advance and are welcome to attend. 


At St Faith’s we create moments, experiences and spaces for our children to connect with the natural environment. We believe nature and sustainability teaches interconnectedness, and a child’s sense that they are part of and dependent on something greater than themselves.

Our teachers work full time, offering the program throughout the day to cater for working families.

Long-day hours

St Faith’s provides both 3 Year Old and 4 year Old Kindergarten programs integrated into long day care.  Our 4 Year Old Kindergarten program is a state funded program.

Kindergarten Program
Qualified Teachers

Our Kindergarten programs are led by fully qualified and experienced Kindergarten Teachers who hold an early childhood qualification. 

School Readiness

The 4 Year Old Kindergarten program is designed to extend on the 3 year old program but also concentrate on helping children develop life skills in preparation for school.

Embedded in our service are sustainable and environmentally focused concepts such as:

Worm Farms

Children and educators maintain our worm farms using any food scraps from meal times. Children are encouraged to be involved in the process of saving any waste from meal times, feeding the worms and retrieving the “worm wee” from the farm. Families and children are welcome to take home “worm wee” from the worm farms to use on their own garden!

Vegetable gardens

A variety of vegetables and herbs are grown in our gardens.  Children are involved in the planting process and harvest the vegetable which are then cooked at the centre and enjoyed in daily meals.   Surplus vegetables are shared with our families.

Natural play spaces

 At St Faith’s many natural elements are incorporated into our play spaces.  Natural elements range from timber furniture and recycled tree logs, right through to gum nuts and pine cones being utilised in imaginary play.


Reuse, recycle

Are you a plumber with pipe offcuts? Do you have various sized boxes in your recycling at home? Any old pots and pans? 

We welcome donations from families and our community of everyday items that can be utilised in our programs.  The possibilities of re-using recycled items are endless, from using them in various play spaces, for art activities as well as sensory experiences.